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Religious heritage tourist routes

Lovers of sightseeing tours, hiking, cycling or driving, enjoy visiting the churches they meet on their way, which offer them peace and freshness and often unsuspected treasures to admire.

Open Churches thus offers several thematic routes that connect the religious buildings of the network, to arouse the curiosity of walkers, cyclists or lovers of cultural excursions. Tours around a theme (pilgrimages, 19th century heritage...) or a given city/region (see the geolocated list online).

Most of these thematic tours are the subject of a printed presentation brochure (available in electronic format.pdf or in local churches and tourist offices) - see below.

The routes are also detailed on the website, especially interesting in its "mobile" version (downloadable via Google Android or Apple iOS), or on the audio-guided application IZI.Travel: you can then follow the route on your smartphone and discover each point of interest one by one. Simply click on the "Continue on mobile" buttons on this site or scan the QR-codes of the brochures.

These circuits are completely modular. The routes can be followed in small sections at a time, combined with each other or carried out in the opposite direction. It should be noted that churches are rarely accessible 7 days a week, all year round. Check this site for opening hours when planning your trip. 

Other useful information is also included in these tools (access for people with reduced mobility, parking, sanitary facilities, etc.), as well as advice on visiting the surroundings. The brochures are not available in all languages.

From bell tower to bell tower in the heart of the Ardennes

Once upon a time there was La Roche-en-Ardenne, Rendeux, Manhay and Tenneville ... A medieval castle and its ghost, a hermit and its chapel at the bottom of the woods, tanks from the last war, the bell tower and organ of Saint-Nicolas and many welcoming and warm rural churches ...

If you are curious, get off the beaten track and take one of our walking, cycling or driving tours. Discover the soul of this region and feel free to combine these routes with visits to other attractions, to mix your discoveries and experiences.

Download the brochure (PDF in FR)
Description of the six tours

Other tourist tours

The spirit of the surroundings around Lierneux

This itinerary for bike, motorcycle or car, gives pride of place to the region. It takes you through a gentle and rounded countryside. The paths of the crossroads invite you to wander (...)
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Detours and other pilgrimages in Namur

Through these six tours, the Open Churches association takes you in the Namur region in the footsteps of pilgrims from all over the world (...)
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Religious heritage in Bruges: in the footsteps of the precursors of the faith

A 9 km marked walk to discover 11 religious buildings in the city of Bruges, their patron saints and other local legends (...)
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The Middle Ages in the Haute-Senne region

Open Churches invites you to discover the medieval period by visiting several churches in the Haute Senne region, between Enghien and Soignies (...)
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The Verviers region at the time of the industrial revolution

For a hundred years, the industrial revolution changed forever the image of the Verviers city and the surrounding villages such as Pepinster, Wegnez or Dison (...)
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Lords and saints, the religious heritage around Alden Biesen

28 churches and historic buildings in Limburg open their doors to you to share their history, treasures and unique atmosphere (...)
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The Waasland and the tributaries of the Scheldt by bike

Discover this prosperous and wild land, once so often flooded. Its lords, monks and inhabitants have endowed it with many churches and chapels, which have survived the horrors of the religious wars (...)
Download the "Temse" tour brochure (PDF in NL)
Download the "Dendermonde" tour brochure (PDF in NL)
Download the "Lokeren" tour brochure (PDF in NL)
Download the "Wetteren" tour brochure (PDF in NL)
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