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Photo exhibition

"Unusual Heritage in Churches" 

How many times are we seized, in a corner of a church, by an intriguing object, a mysterious symbol or a grimaceous face? Sometimes it is a ray of light, a strange arrangement or a contrasting artistic creation that surprises us. 

The unusual can be discovered in many religious buildings, past and present. 

The questions that these unexpected structures, traditions or settings raise in us, not always easy to interpret, lead us into fascinating explorations.

A travelling exhibition

The association Eglises Ouvertes offers you a travelling exhibition of 56 photos on the theme "Unusual Heritage in Churches". The photographs selected testify to the curious, mystical, fantastic look... and the offbeat humour of many photographers, amateurs or professionals. A beautiful tool to invite faithful and visitors to let themselves be challenged by the mysteries of your church.

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A photo contest

These photos were selected from among the dozens of photos sent as part of the "Unusual Heritage in Churches" competition launched in Wallonia in the summer of 2018. The jury, chaired by Guy Focant (AWaP), awarded the 32 most original photos. Choices that enrich our interpretation of the unusual, which is combined very differently depending on the viewpoint.... 

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Would you like to host this exhibition in your church?

The exhibition consists of 15 panels (double-sided) arranged in accordion, an information table (with guest book) and a hanging banner. It can be assembled within 2 hours in a space of +/- 36m2. The device requires good exposure to light (natural and/or artificial).

The exhibition is available for a period of one month, free of charge for churches that join the network (for other buildings, a rental price of 200 euros is planned, including assembly/disassembly and travel expenses). It should be noted that 90% of promotion is the responsibility of local officials.

Interested? Please contact the Open Churches Secretariat.

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