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Our objectives

The accessibility of our religious buildings for the entire population is an important and topical challenge: Opening our churches so often closed, and meeting the desire of many, whatever their convictions, to enter religious buildings for spiritual, cultural or simple curiosity reasons. This heritage represents the centre of the villages, a social life, a cultural space, a place of prayer or healing, a tourist place,...

"Open Churches" encourages the leaders of these buildings to open the doors of the churches, to use them and make them welcoming while respecting the place of worship. It makes the inhabitants aware of their heritage. Opening buildings is a priority for this heritage, which is maintained at great expense, but is less and less used for worship.

  • Enhance our religious heritage and make it accessible to the local population and foreign visitors.
  • Create instruments that will help the visitor to discover and interpret our religious heritage. 
  • Disseminate and promote activities to promote religious heritage, such as visits, concerts, conferences, activities... 
  • Establish links between local teams and the network, breaking the isolation of our religious buildings.