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Municipalities, associations, parishes that wish to participate in the "Open Churches" project undertake to respect the following recommendations: Open the church to visitors with opening hours determined in consultation with the authorities of the building and the EOGEF team. 

  • Provide a welcoming area to have access to the network's communication tools (guest books, brochure cards, etc.) and information about the building and the life of the parish. 
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere, with music, fresh flowers, welcome text, etc. If necessary and possible, provide reception staff. 
  • Carry out or update the inventory of the church (contact the competent services of your department / diocese: DRAC and Diocesan Commissions for Sacred Art). 
  • Secure your church with simple means and common sense without forgetting to work with the help of the competent services 
  • Open your church at national and/or international events: at least on Sundays during the Open Church Days (first weekend in June) and at European Heritage Days (3rd weekend in September)
  • Inform the association of events organized in the church to feed the website.
  • Undertake to pay the annual membership fee to the network.  
  • Use the "Open Churches" logo for promotional purposes or to guide visitors to the church*

* The logo is a registered trademark and may only be used in this form. The right to use the logo may be withdrawn if it is found that the commitments made are not respected. 

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