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At present, opening a church exclusively for religious services is tantamount to considering it as a place for a small segment of the population.
But society is changing. It is therefore imperative to change our way of seeing this heritage and to imagine it as a space for sharing and meeting.

Here are some ideas to ponder ...

Opening churches to tourism is a solution to bring back visitors.

Opening up churches to activities that mobilise local people is one way of bringing life back to them on a more continuous basis.

Many of our members have understood this: they offer free time slots during which the community, the local cultural centre, the history circle, the art academy and/or youth movements can organise their own activities in the building.

•    Space for debates, conferences, meetings, coworking ...
•    A place to rest, meditate, cool off in hot weather, study during revision, ...
•    Exchange of books, seedlings, seeds, clothes, toys, ...
•    Place for performances, exhibitions, rehearsals for local artists, etc.
•    Space for training, discovery, learning ...

All these projects can perfectly coexist with religious life, which continues to take place at fixed and usual times.

Would you like to have more inspiration, examples to follow, to organise something in one or more buildings in your community? We will be happy to meet with you to present you with more than a hundred variations that will in no way detract from the sacred nature of the place.
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