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Membership conditions

The contribution to the "Open Churches" project entitles you to:

  • A page presenting the building on the website, which includes photos, a location map, building data, opening hours, a description of the building, 6 remarkable elements to discover and the agenda of events taking place there. The site is available in four languages: French, Dutch, English and German. It is suitable for all screens. Thanks to the geolocation,it can immediately inform of the other open churches in the area.
  • The inclusion of church data on a quadrilingual brochure map "Open and welcoming churches", widely distributed.
  • An external plate 20 x 20 cm with the logo "Open Churches", the name of the church, as well as the opening hours. This plate also includes a QR-code that allows visitors equipped with a smartphone to have direct access to information about the building (description, photos, etc.).
  • Two guest books (for adults and children).  
  • A banner (180 x 50 cm) "Open and welcoming church".
  • 150 "Open Churches" brochure cards containing the members of the current year.
  • Practical advice on how to create personalised welcome materials for your church (leaflets, information sheets, welcome table with didactic plaque, banners...)
  • Free participation in Open Churches Days and free promotion of your events on this occasion.
  • Additional brochure cards and guest books as required.
  • Free participation in seminars organized by Open Churches or Open Churches associations of which you are a member.

    For conditions specific to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, please contact