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The Hermits Martin and Thibaut

On foot

8.00 km

3 h

The Hermits Martin and Thibaut

Untiring walkers, Martin of Tours and Theobald of Provins were both attracted by the life of a hermit. A simplicity of existence that they kept despite the responsibilities they later assumed in the Church. As the patron saints of many religious buildings, they continue to be the subject of pilgrimages, even today.

This hike is part of six tours designed by the Open Churches network: "From bell tower to bell tower in the heart of the Ardennes". 11 churches in La Roche-en-Ardenne, Rendeux, Manhay and Tenneville open their doors to you to share their history, their treasures and their unique atmosphere. Original and inspiring destinations for your family, walking, cycling or car trips. Discovery tools (adapted to children) await you there!

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