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Welcome material

Your membership in the Open Churches network gives you access to: 

  • A page presenting the building on our website, which includes: a photo and video gallery, a location map, the building's data, its opening hours, a description of its history, architecture and tourism, the 6 remarkable elements to discover and the agenda of events taking place there. The site is available in four languages: Dutch, English and German. It is suitable for all displays (computers, tablets, smartphones). Thanks to geolocation, it can show you the other open churches in the area. 
  • The inclusion of church data on a quadrilingual brochure map "Open and welcoming churches" with a circulation of more than 100,000 copies throughout the network: network member, trade fairs, tourist offices, etc. These cards are renewed annually and distributed in early May.  
  • An external plate 20x20 cm with the "Open Churches" logo, the word and its opening hours. This plate also includes a QR-code that allows visitors equipped with a smartphone to have direct access to information about the building. 
  • A banner (180x50 cm) "Open and Welcoming Churches"
  • Two guest books: one for adults and one with drawing paper for children. 
  • Three brochures to accompany the opening: a welcome guide, some simple tips to make the visitor feel welcome; an audit, to be carried out in a team to evaluate the welcome in your church; a green guide in the form of an audit to assess whether the building is eco-responsible. 
  • Provision of the association's skills and volunteers for advice, assistance, etc. 
  • Promotion of your events free of charge in our network, on our website and our social networks. 
  • Training courses offered as part of the network.
  • Receipt of the quarterly newsletter.
  • Brochure cards, additional guestbook according to your needs.