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Security measures

In order to ensure the smooth running of this project, it is necessary to ensure the implementation of various security measures :

  •  Identify art objects: describe them in detail, photograph them and archive the information. This operation must be carried out regularly to keep an accurate record of the heritage preserved in churches and chapels.

  •  Secure objects: for example, secure statues and paintings and possibly install suitable alarm systems.

  •  Close unnecessary accesses.

  •  Sensitize the inhabitants of the districts and villages to the protection of their church: that they do not hesitate to notify the police in case of suspicious movements of people or vehicles in front of places of worship, night or day.

  •  Place the objects of worship - goldsmiths' wares and liturgical vestments - in a safe place by placing them in a secure place at the end of the services. It is also advisable to place in the treasury or church museums anything that is no longer used or is only used very occasionally. An agreement is then established: the factory, the parish or the commune (as the case may be) remains the full owner of the deposited parts and can recover them according to the provisions set.

  •  Plan a secure offering trunk and relativize small thefts. Raise the trunk regularly. A closed church does not allow you to collect offerings.

  •  Store sound equipment in a locked cabinet (microphones in particular).

  •  Always close the sacristy and do not put all the keys in the same place.

  •  Close churches at night and if necessary, do not forget to connect the alarm system.