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Membership conditions

The agreement is signed between ErwuesseBildung and the owner or user of the religious building.
Extracts from the agreement :

ErwuesseBildung asbl. provides the church with the following :
°  a facade plate withthe name of the church and the opening hours
°   the banner for open churches
°   a thin plastic plate on the church in 3 languages
°   a page on the internet site managed by the organization «Open Churches»
°   annual pamphlets on the whole open churches network.

The participating churches pledge :
° to open the church to visitors at the minimum during 8 consecutive weeks between 1.06 and 30.09, 3 days a week, 4 hours a day
° to provide informational material such as brochures on the church, information about the parish life and to create a welcoming atmosphere
° to open the church during the weekend of the «Open Churches» on Saturday and/or Sunday
° to provide data and photos on the church
° to consult with the religious authorities in order to arrive at a programming that respects the sacredness of the site and its cultural priorities.

The participating churches can use the logo Open Churches with the condition to respect the graphic charter of the Open Churches foundation for promotional purposes to guide visitors to the church.
The right to use the logo can be withdrawn if it turns out that the promises made are not respected.

Financial participation
The financial participation of the participating churches is 350 € for the first year. 
The participation for the following years is 220 €.

The responsible priest also signs the agreement.