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The Middle Ages in the Haute Senne region (from Steenkerque to Enghien)

By bike

22.00 km

2 h

The Middle Ages in the Haute Senne region (from Steenkerque to Enghien)

The Open Churches network invites you to discover the medieval period by visiting various churches in the Haute Senne region. Proudly erected for centuries, they are the witnesses of local history. Together with castles and farms, these places of worship tell the story of an era and its customs.

Throughout the tour, you will follow a small character, "nameless and ageless". He will take you to the lands of Hainaut County. For you, he will meet historical and legendary characters from the region.

In Steenkerque, fiefdom of Guillaume de Gavres, the church will observe your actions. Then, on the road to Petit-Enghien, you can admire the oldest mill still in operation at the Pont Tordoir. After visiting the Saint-Sauveur church in Petit-Enghien, visit the Strihoux mound, in the woods of the same name. It is at the origin of the city of Enghien. Once in the medieval city, you will meet Jonathas, Saint Eloi, the lords of Enghien and even a beguine before finishing the walk in the park.

This route is more fully described in a discovery brochure The Middle Ages in the Haute Senne region (FR).

  1. Church Saint-Martin in Steenkerque

    It is a small village lost on a small rocky promontory overlooking the Senne. Life has always been peaceful there, like a long quiet river. Although... (...)

  2. Mill

    Here is a real mill certified since the end of the Middle Ages. The landscape has a hilly character, which gives a high flow to the rivers, ideal for developing a milling industry. The miller supplied the lord and his subjects with flour and oil (...)

  3. Church

    Petit Enghien is not as small as you might think... Indeed, this village is twenty times larger than the area of the town of Enghien. And even older, the Romans had already passed through it: the Chaussée de Brunehaut, linking Bavay to Utrecht, is just next door (...)

  4. Church Saint Nicolas

    In the centre of the square, the church stands proudly in all its grandeur. The existence of a place of worship dates back to the 12th century, in line with the arrival of the lords of Enghien. Victim of fires, the building was rebuilt in the style of the time: Gothic (...)

  5. Jonathas House in Enghien, the Dungeon, Tapestry Museum

    Not far from the church of St. Nicholas stands the House of Jonathas. According to popular legend, it is known as Jonathas' residence, but also as the former keep of the city's primitive castle. However, this "fortification" is more like a tower-house, one of those built by the lords in the 12th and 13th centuries (...)

  6. Castle chapel of Enghien Park

    The itinerary is coming to an end. You can end the tour with a walk in the sumptuous Enghien Park, the former residence of the local lords (...)

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