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The old stones and their treasures

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The old stones and their treasures

The time machine does not yet exist. Maybe one day... In the meantime, if you want to go back a few centuries, a short walk through Bouvignes and Dinant is a must.

For a long time, the two cities had a fierce hatred for each other. This led to battles that ruined and often drove out the population. But today, it's all in the past. The region is very peaceful. So get ready, it's time to discover the heritage of these two Mosan cities. Why "Mosane"? Because they are located along the Meuse, of course!

This route is more fully described in a discovery brochure Detours and other pilgrimages in Namur (FR).

  1. Historic centre of Bouvignes

    We are in the old medieval city of Bouvignes. Walk a little bit through the narrow streets... Centuries ago, it was a relatively powerful city (...)

  2. Saint-Lambert Church – Bouvignes-sur-Meuse

    The church of Bouvignes dates from the 13th century. It's been almost a thousand years. Impressive, isn't it? Inside, there are many treasures made of wood, glass, but also metal (copper and/or tin). Look in the church for objects created from this metal (...)

  3. Charles de Gaulle Bridge – Dinant

    You have arrived in Dinant, a thousand-year-old city built just at the foot of a cliff. Stand in the middle of the saxophone bridge and observe the landscape. If you look north, you can see Muzzles in the distance. For centuries, these two cities were sworn enemies (...)

  4. Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame - Dinant

    It's time to go and see what's hidden in the collegiate church. As you walk inside, you can notice some now familiar elements: the candlesticks in brassware or the lid of the baptismal font. There is another treasure: the silver bust of Saint Perpetua (...)

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