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Our story

In August 2016, in Mont-devant-Sassey (55), the association "Les Amis de l'église de Mont" discovered the network Églises Ouvertes founded in Belgium a few years earlier by Marc Huynen. Nanou Bouillet immediately inscribed the admirable Romanesque building forgotten by all on the edge of the Argonne....

From the first meeting with the founder and his team of heritage and communication professionals, the convergence of ideas immediately appears on the project. And Nanou decided to create a Grand-Est entity to develop the network in France, in addition to the Nord de France entity initiated by Michel Tillie and his team in 2013. This was done in May 2017 and EOGEF was inaugurated in the presence of all the authorities in Mont-devant-Sassey and then in Marville with Annie Tosi, Vice-President and co-founder.

The success of the project is instantaneous, demonstrating to what extent it meets the expectations of town halls and municipalities, those affected and believers of all faiths, heritage professionals and also tourism providers at a time when the question of the future of religious heritage is crucial and urgent.

In August 2017, Jérémy Kwidzinski completed a 6-month internship at the University of Nancy. Fully invested from the beginning, he is in charge of all communication and management of the buildings in Moselle, where he comes from. He now combines his job as a project manager at the Maison des Patrimoines de Montmédy (55) and his position as volunteer vice-president of EOGEF. 

The team has been constantly expanding since August 2018 with the successive arrival of Delphine Méral, who brings her expertise in communication and mediation (development of the Young Heritage Ambassadors pilot project, supported by Stéphane Bern), but also Anne-Marie Merlin, Anthony Koenig and Antoine Collot (Fondation du Patrimoine et Maisons Paysannes de France), Béatrice Bertrand and Emma Schneeberger... More than twenty volunteers now work in seven departments in the Grand Est.

With the help of local associations and in partnership with elected officials, the DRAC, the Conservation, the CHR, the CAS, the parishes, the dioceses, the Heritage Foundation, the tourist offices etc..., EOGEF has made it possible to reopen and welcome nearly 40 buildings in 2 years and has initiated or helped to create several thematic tours. The adventure continues!