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Open Church Days

Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 June 2019

Every year, on the first weekend of June, Open Church Days celebrate our religious heritage. For this 12th edition, we invite you to experience “Emotions” ...

Because religious buildings are like kaleidoscopes radiating a thousand lights. They are anchored in the mysteries of the invisible, shaped by the pride or humility of generations, vibrating with intense musical waves... Impossible to remain insensitive to all the stories they whisper! Doesn't the procession of their statues stir up excitement? Isn’t the caress of the polished reliefs source of soft feelings? Let yourself be touched, in depth...
Download here the complete 2019 program

For the attention of those in charge of religious buildings:
All religious buildings are invited to participate (free for members of the Open Churches network. For non-members, membership fee of 60 euros).
To register for the event (promotion only via the Internet) :

Open Churches' days 2018: "The many faces of Heritage"

The 11th edition of Open Churches Heritage Days took place on 2 and 3 June 2018.

2018 year's theme "The many faces of heritage" wanted to tell the human story behind the bricks and stones, the many hands which built and shaped the churches through the ages, the congregations that gathered there to celebrate their key moments, the legends of patron saints, the many volunteers striving to manage and preserve the churches, ancient rituals and human efforts behind these special buildings. We also wanted to highlight the people and characters depicted in the many works of art which these churches contain.

Here to download:
- Full programme of the event
- Evaluation of the 2018 edition (in French)
- Pictures taken on the occasion

Thousands of visitors every year

The Open Church Days are undoubtedly the most well-known project of our network. It is traditionally held on the first weekend of June, at the beginning of the tourist season for cult buildings. It is deployed throughout Belgium, Luxembourg and the Grand-Est region of France. The event attracts an audience of curious people who are increasingly interested in the activities on offer.

In this way, we hope to encourage villages and neighbourhoods to present their religious heritage in the best possible light. In particular to make it welcoming to all those who know little about churches or who find them difficult to interpret.

2017 – Moving Stones
> Download the programme and the photo album

2016 – Sounds and Silences
> Download the programme and the photo album

2015 – Clair-obscur
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2014 – Souvenirs of 14-18
> Download the programme and the photo album

2013 – Heritage in colour
> Download the programme and the photo album

Every religious building can participate in the Open Church Days, whether or not it joins our network. More information in our Guide to Open Church Days and via (+32 479 62 33 55)