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first meeting day open churches

first meeting day open churches

Securing our church buildings

Friday 18 October 2019

Our religious and cultural heritage in its diversity and uniqueness is presentable. The doors should be open not only to tourists, but also to the locals, so that they can admire the well-preserved churches. But how can we ensure that the churches do not suffer any damage? that nothing is stolen? or that the space is defaced by vandalism?

Speakers are representatives of the police, the Kierchefong, the State Museum, the LSRS, the ORT Mëllerdall and others.

The target audience are (full-time and volonteer) members of various parish committees, members of municipality councils and boards, church and tourist guides, representatives of the diocese, and other people who work for the religious and cultural heritage in our villages and towns or are active in the tourism industry.

Language: the lectures will be held in Luxembourgish.

Organisation: ErwuesseBildung in collaboration with the parish of Regioun Iechternach Saint-Willibrord, ORT Mëllerdall.

Registration: Please contact or T. 44 743 340 quoting the course number 19 5440K.

The exact programme will be available from mid-September.

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