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Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Geboorte

Stadhuisplein 8
3700 Tongeren

Basilica | 1254 | Gothic | Roman Catholic Church

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Moment Art Festival


01 June 2019 - 08 September 2019 : 08.30 - 17.00

The Portrait', exhibition about strong women in the basilica of Tongeren

In collaboration with the MoMent arts festival, the gothic basilica of Tongeren is hosting an exhibition by art photographer Bert Daenen.

Six photos measuring 2.40 metres by 1.60 metres were hung in the monumental building. Six female characters, quiet but powerful figures, with only a light focus on the face and 50 shades of black, adorn the side chapels. They play with the bright colours of the stained-glass windows. Subdued and timeless, they fit in perfectly with the sacred atmosphere of which the life-sized miraculous, centuries-old and colourful statue of Our Lady, Causa Nostrae Laetitia, also lets us enjoy. With this approach, the artist wants to go against the prevailing trend in modern photography: fleeting multicolouredness, distraction to details, spectacle but lack of character. By focusing only on the illuminated face against a background of black, the emphasis is on the character, on the story that the women want to tell us. The artist liked to place the works in the basilica which, with its colourful play of light from the many stained-glass windows, casts different shadows on the portraits time and again. The story is always coloured in a different way.

The collaboration with the basilica has also been strongly supported by the church community. In a leaflet they draw attention to the many strong women portrayed in the basilica. They too have their story, their character that was often stronger than their life instinct. And gave them a quiet place within the long history of the Christian Church. These six portraits also invite us to ask the same question: "Tell us, tell us what is on your lips. What you believe in."

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Organ concert
01 June 2019 - 08 September 2019 : 16.00 - 17.00

Organ festival every Saturday at 4pm until September 8th.

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