Find a church

Make the decision to open

  • Make the decision to keep the church open
  • Designate a host person 
  • Organize the reception: indicate that the church is open and welcoming
  • Ensure that the premises are clean
  • Create a reception area, also think about children. Plan a children's corner with a small table, a chair and do not forget the drawing book (and maybe a small library)
  • Inform the visitor: welcome text - information about the parish and heritage
  • Be interesting in all your communication: short texts, anecdotes are more interesting than the enumeration of dates and successive priests
  • Be professional: all materials must be of equal quality (leaflets, visiting documents, welcome table, guest books)
  • Make it memorable: your church is unique and the visitor must feel it
  • Do not forget some flowers and a musical background. 
  • Plan events, bring the building to life because a building where there is movement is a safe building. 
  • Carry out or update the inventory with the relevant departments*.
  • Secure the church with simple means and/or with the help of the competent services*

* Get in touch with the competent departments of your departments: DRAC and CDAS