In 1988,Marc Huynen and his wife visited Finland. In the tourist information that he received there was a map indicating “open” churches .He followed this up and he found that the same programme existed in England.

Their “Open Churches Trust” publishes a veritable collection of open churches, in effect more than 11000 of the 16000 existing. For each one there is a summary, a silhouette of the church and its location. This initiative for a network of open churches existed in other countries but not in Belgium.

So Marc Huynen gathered together a number of people from different professions and with different ideas who were all interested in the project: to open our churches that are so often shut, to fulfil the wish of many, whatever their convictions, to visit churches for spiritual or cultural reasons or simply for curiosity. People from the world of culture, law, politics, religion, media and management helped in launching the programme, all convinced that our churches must be better known and more welcoming.

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